Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Go see: Every Day is a Good Day! John Cage @ The De La Warr Pavillion

Whilst trawling charity shops in Bexhill for cups and saucers, the large white (art deco-style) building that perches on the edge of the sea caught my eye. The De La Warr Paviliion has exhibited a number of inspirational artists over the years, and this exhibition surrounded and interpreted the work of John Cage (musician, artist and philosopher). Cage is most widely recognised for his works entitled: 4'33" which is a series of three movements, played without hearing a single note. The content supposedly revolves around the engagement of the audiences with the sounds that they hear and create whilst participating in these 'movements'.

So, the De La Warr came up with A Nod To Cage, which includes work from Yoko Ono who worked with the man himself, some newly commissioned works from Shelley Parker and Charlie Hooker, and six students from Brighton University and Sussex Coast College. The exhibition covers the whole of the De La Warr - Gallery 1 showing the handiwork of John Cage, and suitably named Every Day is A Good Day. Drawings and watercolours are arranged in sporadic fashion across the long hall. Based on the order of I Ching, fostering the beliefs of the artist, the works are distributed at random, and so a guide book is provided to help navigate your way through the show.

There is a grand piano sat atop one flight of stairs, playing notes on it's own accord - depicting the effects that sound has as it enters and leaves our bodies.... a camera on a long, wooden arm which faces towards a projection wall, showing a film of two dancers at either end of the camera. One a ballet dancer, moving in her way, and one a tap dancer, responding in hers. It was moving, and tempting to jump up and swing the camera around! All relate to the concepts of sound that Cage discovered, shared and explored.

It's also a place to chat to people openly and freely. The staff are very passionate about the works that they exhibit, and clearly put their heart into their research and happily share their knowledge if you are keen to hear it. It was a day for meeting people, as two other young people crossed my path from polar-walks of life to my own, opening my eyes and heart to the way that they experienced the world...

Check out the De La Warr line-ups here: http://www.dlwp.com/ and make sure you take a look at the LIVE PROGRAMME. Alan Carr and Mogwai coming soon!

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