Friday, 17 June 2011

Listen to: 'Johannes' by Cocos Lovers

This incredible band dropped out of the blue blue skies of Kent and landed on a stage at a tiny little village festival last year...
Sitting and people-watching, I spotted this talented group long before they took to the stage. Couples entwined, children ran about, and a slightly bohemian air danced above them, so I wasn't surprised when they took to the stage and arranged a plethora of instruments: Violin, Tenor Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar, Flute and Ukelele were lifted out carefully and tuned.

African inspired, deep-rooted, harmonic folk sounds resonated as Cocos Lovers got into the swing of the set. Each took their turn to sing, harmonise and chant, the instruments combining to create touching melodies. Soon, everyone began humming along, and then clapping and dancing in time to their infectious rhythms. The mix of tuneful upbeat new folk sounds, with heartier, traditional folk tunes and instruments has made for something inspiring. I am hooked, and I want to be a part of their band.

The band have performed at Bloody Awful Poetry events in London, and have so far supported Mumford & Sons, Alessi's Ark and Fionn Regan amongst others. They have also performed at Secret Garden Party and Greenman Festival, and this year are set to do the same, as well as performing at Glastonbury this weekend, and Lounge on the Farm in a few weeks time.

Look out for Cocos Lovers this year. Their debut album, 'Johannes' is out on Smugglers Records, and their new album is set for release this year. It's called 'Elephant Lands'.

Have a listen here:

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